About Us

Keep Glam started in 2013 as a fashion blog. A space where its creator, Yashira T. Jiménez, shared trends, trips and especially her looks. Then, the blog became a hobby on social networks.

As years passed, she continued working on something that she loved (Education), but inside she knew that she wanted to work with her other passion, FASHION!

With this project, that dream is becoming more concrete. This is a space where in addition to being able to acquire quality pieces of jewelry, some in trend but most pieces that will transcend seasons and years. It will also be a space for glamour, inspiration, real issues and above all where we can share that thing 'that we all have in common, love to feel ourselves, in our own style and personality. Feel powerful for who we are!

Jewelry is phase 1. Of course I had to start with one of the things that obsess me the most. The accessories! These have the power to elevate any look.

I humbly share with you this collection of gold filled jewelry. High quality pieces (tested), which with due care will be able to accompany you and yours for a long time.

You can call me Yash and today I share a piece of me.

“Fashion can scream to the world who you are without having to say a word. And in most cases, jewelry, accessories are those that complement as protagonists that personality, character and mood that you want to express to the universe ”. Yash